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Nature & Nutrition

Nature and nutrition are the cornerstones of my health and wellness offering, because they are woven into the web of our lives so deeply.  For too long, our fast-paced society has ignored the power of both.  We've become dis-eased.  In so doing, we have stopped fully thriving.  Our health-system is actually, a disease-management system.  My methods will reconnect you with the natural world in a meaningful and mindful practice. That allows the body to heal itself physically, mentally and emotionally.*


Imagine the way the warm sun feels on your skin as you lay under a tree with dappled sunlight?


What about the sense you feel from walking in the wild outdoors? 


Can you imagine the hypnotic sounds of a gentle creek as water glides against the rocks, or how it feels as it grazes against your feet? 


Immersing oneself in nature taps into feelings of peace, tranquility, and joy.  Enhancing positive feelings in our daily lives provides nourishment for the soul. Nature immersion also grounds us and helps release the tension that builds over time, which if not released has been shown to lead to chronic health conditions.  Powerful phytoncides emitted from evergreens help heal us when we breath them in.  

Remembering that we are part of nature, rather than separate from it is an important aspect of my guided sessions.

Check out one of my upcoming sessions:

Walking in Nature
Vegetables in Paper Bags


The foods we eat can be our medicine, or poison.  Which will you choose?

Thinking about the thousands of biochemical reactions required to keep us alive, it's essential to fuel with the most premium fuel available.  Dr. Jeffery Bland, functional medicine expert, has said that when we eat fruits and vegetables, anything grown in nature, we are consuming that plant's immune system.  It gives quite a different perspective to eating your vegetables, doesn't it? Thinking of taking in multiple plants immune systems is a powerful image.  


But, if we are being real, food can also be delicious. 

It can be social.

It can be art.

It can be joyful.   


Knowing this, why waste any calories at all?

I believe every calorie eaten should fulfill a purpose in your life.

If it doesn't help you thrive, it doesn't belong in your life.

link to lutein, zeaxanthin and role in health

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