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The Art of Healing

You will experience compassionate coaching 

With a provider that targets chronic inflammation and root causes of illness.

You will learn a framework to build healthy habits.

You will rework eating behaviors, thoughts & actions around your diet & lifestyle.

You will receive meal planning for various nutritional interventions, identified nutrient needs, and solutions for nutrient gaps.

You will engage in guided forest bathing & 

forest therapy sessions as adjunct therapy for healthier coping strategies

Woman Walking in Forest

My approach to building and sustaining ideal health & wellness focuses on 5 key pillars:

  1. Minimizing elements that create dis-ease

  2. Incorporating high quality foods & nutrients

  3. Building healthy habits around eating and lifestyle

  4. Find physical activity that is fun and motivating

  5. Fostering meaningful relationships that embody kindness and love.


My Story

My interest in health began at a young age, as a young competitive gymnast as I quickly learned the value of being physically and mentally on top of my game. 

As peculiar as it sounds, even as a kid I always loved eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Possibly this was a seed planted early on as I was raised in a small agricultural community tucked beside the Sespe Mountains in Southern California. Some of my fondest memories are of my sister and I climbing up my great grandmother's tree to pick apricots, or riding horses through neighboring citrus orchards with my grandfather to find oranges and avocados.  I recognized now that those powerful memories fueled my passion to share the key to thriving by incorporating nature & nutrition.

There have been periods of my life where I moved away from clean healthful eating, and experienced the negative side effects. More cravings, more self loathing and negativity, less energy, less love for myself and those around me. 


I experienced an eating disorder. 

I experienced weight gain.

I experienced irritable bowel syndrome. 


Over the years, I have been able to target successful methods to tap back into the positivity, the love, and to expand on those positive connections between the impact our gut health and our mental well being.  I have learned that once you have all five key pillars in order, your soul is fully aligned and all health goals are within your grasp. 


If this concept resonates with you, then I welcome the connection to support you on your wellness journey!

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