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Find Balance with Nature and Nutrition Therapy

Have you ever seen the way a house plant bends toward the sunlight from a nearby window? Or, noticed the leaves angled to absorb maximum sunlight? 

Every being on this planet seeks to not only live, but to fully thrive. 

That certainly includes you!

For far too long, you may have accepted poorer health, or given up on your goals.  Maybe you've said, "I've tried everything!"  Sound familiar?

Einstein said, there are not three dimensions, there are ten. Our problem, is that the eye only perceives in three dimensions.  

I'm here to offer you another perspective to reach your desired health.  Take a cue from nature, and embrace the freedom that awaits you.  Be open to another possibility, one where your dreams get to exist, and get to come true.

Take the first step out of the chaos to meet your future self!


Meet Denae

Denae has been a registered dietitian for over 20 years and has worked with people of all ages.  With a background as a competitive gymnast and member of a professional dance troupe, she was always seeking foods that drove key performance.  This led to a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Science, with a minor is Sports Nutrition.  Fueled by her athletic background and a passion to understand the biochemistry of nutrition in the body, she focuses on foods that have highly functional properties beyond that of basic nutrition.

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