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Herbs and Minerals


Selecting the right supplements can be scary. Which brands are most effective, most well studied, safest quality?  You don't want to waste money on ineffective products!  


You need a team of experts to evaluate your needs, compare medically-proven approaches and offer comprehensive solutions.  We got you! 


We only use evidence-based ingredients, with appropriate medicinal dosing. 


With a full nutrition evaluation, you will receive a customized supplement protocol based on your health needs.  These are just a few of our go-to favorites. 


Nutrition Supplements

Make it easier than ever before to get all the nutrients needed for optimal health.


You're not alone if you struggle to get the recommended amount of dietary fiber (25-30 grams/day), how about the recommended servings of fruits/vegetables each day (5-9/day). 


Even if you eat a diet rich in nutrients, there are days when you need a little help or just need some convenience.  


 Click here for my favorites.


Daily Stress Management

  Stress can manifest in our bodies in many ways, it could be physical, emotional, or overall mental wellbeing.  Give yourself enhanced optimal support through the powerful compounds found in plants. 


Adaptogens are plant and mushroom compounds that help the body address stress, handle fatigue, and provide overall support for our wellbeing. 

Choose from these best sellers: 

Option One: Ashwaghanda & Ginseng

Option Two: Cordyceps Micelium, Ginseng & Rhodiola

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Gut Health & Microbiome Balance

The GI tract and microbiome has been called the second brain.  It is the gatekeeper of our immune health, physical and our mental wellbeing. 


Just like a healthy garden can have a beautiful diversity of blooms and pollinators, an unhealthy garden lacks diversity and is overwrought with weeds.  The microbiome is the same.  Give your gut the strains specifically designed to help you flourish.  These strains are clinically shown to help regulate blood sugar, activate nature GLP-1 production, curb sugar cravings, and lose weight.  


Healthy Skin

Get the glow! 


We often forget the the largest organ in our body, is actually our skin.  Our skin protects us from germs and is made of water, protein, fats, and minerals.  It also absorbs much of what we put on it. 


Our skin will show early signs of aging or blemishes whenever there's been exposure to toxins, vitamin deficiencies, or poor gut integrity.  The skin absorbs chemicals within less than a minute!  Did you know that the FDA only bans around 11 harmful ingredients? 


Whenever possible, choose skincare companies with very strict ingredient standards, while also being highly effective.  Arbonne bans over 2000 potentially harmful ingredients!


Detoxification Herbals

Struggling to lose weight?  It may be your liver!  Did you know about 50% of Americans are struggling with liver health?


Overcome daily toxin build up with a gentle but effective herbal blend.  Support your body's own detoxification process and win the fight with ease.  Tea includes dandelion, peppermint, milk thistle, elder, nettle, sweet fennel, parsley, & licorice. Capsules include milk thistle and supportive liver nutrients.

Option One: Herbal tea

Option Two: vitamin & herbal capsules


Anti-Aging Wellness

Why is weight loss harder as we age?  It may related aging cellular health, lackluster cellular turnover.


NMN is a bioavailable precursor to NAD, an important component of cellular function.  NAD is a critical coenzyme found in every cell of the body. 


Declining levels of NAD have been linked to age-related diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes and Alzheimer's.  Restore your levels to address age-associated weight gain, enhance energy levels, and improve insulin sensitivity. 

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